Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The plate

The plate sat silent, waiting
in judgement of the lack,
of presence you had promised;
despair was right on track.
And in the moment holding,
the thought of stay or leave,
I raised my glass in hope;
I had not been deceived.

Peas in a pod, as we suggested you write a poem combining not just a group of words (wordle), but a group of larger “ideas”.
  That makes for a little different sort of considered integration for the poem you could write.  Our gathered ideas were,
a piece of dinnerware
an emotional feeling
a fixed span of time
an act of affection


  1. I love how the language usage wraps in and around itself in this poem. A very nice method of pulling the reader through the piece.

  2. You have an imaginative turn of thought. I raise my glass back at you!

  3. I created my own peas for this pod. But I have enjoyed the many directions that have been 'plated' - For some reason this reminds me of a toast at a wedding.

    Cheers, Jules