Wednesday, December 17, 2014


baylee ruins

Time tumbled through the lingering days,
sighing into deep falling as nights passed,
drawn down toward the bed of earth;
returning to the lowest point as cast.

Awry, askew, divided into many parts,
a separating from the substance known,
a calling back to pure imaginings;
so did the soil seduce and call its own.

What once stood proudly solid and erect,
had fallen into ruins of deep disgrace,
a breaking down of order and of substance;
chaos called and mocked with weary face.

Sunday, December 14, 2014



Planets forever spinning,
angels tangle spread,
gifts of wings reclining;
souls do gently tread.

Slowly say the spirits,
endeavour to be sound,
life will be the loser,
if lunatics abound.

Daemons laugh out loud,
dance on human plans,
spacecraft is mind eternal;
settled in God's hands.


Reality stood tidily
with crippled legs
displayed, as sanity
did crumble; hope
then full dismayed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ring a rosy

The fairies danced as gentle dust,
thoughts lost to time and song,
as life emerged  in wistful puff;
so was the soul revered.

The door to mind did open wide,
and moments then did fly,
the frost of dreams had settled;
the dust of love refined.

The ring around grew rosy,
the stars were glittered high,
as days of reason scattered;
heart did slowly sigh.

Jules: toy
Debi: life
Misky: puff
Barbara: fairies
Viv: song
Irene: fly
Roslyn: lost
Christopher: door
Three bonus words: frost, soft, dust
The twist: Include the mention of a child’s game in your poem