Thursday, January 10, 2013

Impressions of India

I seem to find within your trackless depths
a very part of me which sits and nods and knows
for sure that other selves may be
and finds a way to tell.
I take my vision, hold it close and fear
that other things will take it all from me.
And still I know that nothing stands for sure
upon the empty wastes of knowledge shore.
A place where all is known and nothing found,
a place where I can find myself and lose
the very part of me I sought to find and which
has called me far through ancient times.
I sit and look around me, searching far
for something on horizon's edge which calls
and draws me close to show another hope;
a sense that more can be than yet I know.
But nothing calls and I am forced to look
within myself and see the future there
and by its side all past and present, time,
beyond all stretching, placing, bonds...
eternal all is nothing, yet much more.


  1. what a very cool close...all is nothing yet much more....fav line in the whole thing....but led up to very well...

  2. Very strong ending. I really enjoyed this poem :)

  3. I like the idea of the past, present and future all present together.

  4. Sometimes instead of looking 'without' one finds all that one wants and needs 'within.' There is wisdom within this poem.

  5. You've really captured that feeling of looking for that missing piece that we all experience but never find "somewhere else." A lot to reflect on in this.

  6. Lovely thinking about finding what one needs by looking within, also like the idea of the past, present and future present at once--much wisdom here.

  7. "...But nothing calls." A powerful piece of this poem. Your ideas are beautifully expressed here.