Friday, January 18, 2013

Mothers and sons/fathers and daughters

There is an inner urge
which links a parent
to the child, no matter
all the years or time;
connection will still hold.
Until the time when they
have found, someone
who loves them true,
and then they are released;
no need to still endure.
For mothers it is with
their sons, the bond is
strongest yet and fathers
hold to daughters,
until someone connects.
It is as if the male/female
is twinned by cosmic truth,
and daughters hold
their father's hearts;
as son's their mother's too.
Beyond the pure material,
we live with metaphor,
with archetypes and with symbols,
which make us who we are.
So many myths have detailed,
it all, so many times,
that we should surely recognise,
it cannot be denied.

R.Ross. 2013

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