Sunday, May 21, 2017



Run the music magically,
let the notes full shine,
sing the wonder deeply;
tease the stilted mind.

Hear the message flimsy,
know it is a truth,
soul does speak in silence;
trips up doubt as proof.

Three, the sacred number,
life's trilogy bespoke,
trace the Goddess line;
Mother, Maiden, Crone.

Tire not of the work,
let time call you on,
be the servant dutiful;
honouring her song.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sharing the bed

I couldn't bear to think of you,
at nights when sleep denies,
but sitting always at my side,
the smell of you resides.

The bed had shrunk to hide me,
no room for you to share.
and yet your presence filled it;
in sheets of damp despair.

I couldn't bare to feel you,
at night when sleep won't come,
but sitting always at my side,
your form, in silence, hums.

Autumn leaves

Image result for autumn adelaide hills

Leaves linger in surrendered shrouds,
holding lightly to the last of Summer,
sodden in their fraying moments;
knowing that the hour draws closer

when they must fall and fall and fall
out of the place they called home,
finding new ways of being in the
dust of the chilly day; writing in

coloured prose, their message on
the ground, holding their arms up
to the inevitable rotting, which is
their destiny and always was the

place that they would find them
selves, in the ever-changing cycle
of life and death, written in the
heart of unforgiving seasons. 


Through retinal reflection mind dictates,
what image we will find and draw as true,
in order that the world beyond makes sense;
calls meaning, from that which is obscure.

There is no right or wrong in how we see,
just ways of pulling line and form to shape,
and finding purpose in all that we dream;
with life made manifest as source creates.

Sunday, May 14, 2017



Sign the moment quietly,
pull the tassel loud,
line the speakers solemnly;
tug on love's pure shroud.

Tap the board of honesty,
drum the song of hope,
work to build the bouquet;
hum with every stroke.

Drape the orange blanket,
fold the yellow cloth,
pleat the fading curtains;
interpret nature's wrath.

Tease beliefs enticingly,
poke at all you know,
stir the pot of questioning;
humbly shall you grow.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Crush of  earth compacted,
suck of soil fulfilled,
dust is full created;
bed of life revealed.

Turn of clod and farrow,
dirt lays bare its face,
time in sandy marrow;
growth in darkest grace.

Seasons are the costume,
sun the roiling blood,
rain in fertile perfume;
nature's perfect food.