Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This beast so bold bestrides my mind,
soft-settled on my days,
its heavy shape holds heart and soul
to ransom; makes me pay.
This heinous hulk is holding court,
its bulk upon we weighs,
sharp eyes, firm-fixed upon my guilt;
called forth in cruel ways.
This beast in bitter judgement sits
and creeps around me slow
to better know my blackest parts;
to stoke the fear which grows.
This hideous heap of stinking flesh
with rotting robes arrayed,
may rule the foul and faecal streets;
its sovereignty acclaimed.
This beast I never sought to find,
its presence dimly seen
until I found its dwelling place
and saw it rule supreme.
This monster which minds mould and shape
to fester, rank and foul
is called Bombay; for here it rules
and knows its greatest power.
And yet this fetid, frowsty fiend
can only live to breathe
and grow full fat upon our fears
because we give it leave. 

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