Saturday, January 19, 2013


The heart holds hidden danger,
which dogs our every step,
and draws us into suffering
because we're made to care.
The warning signs are many,
they line the paths of love,
and threaten us with misery,
proclaim the hidden costs.
And yet there is no other way,
that we can truly be,
if we are to find Soul's delight,
than risk our destiny.

Present danger.  Past danger.  Imagined danger.
 Think about an experience you had that was dangerous.  Think about a time when you sensed danger.  Or when you imagined danger!


  1. Indeed it is a 'dangerous' thing to care, but considering the alternative of not caring.....I think the danger is worth it! A thoughtful poem here....thank you.

  2. life is risk whether we choose it or not you know...figure i would rather face it and choose than having it put upon me....

  3. wonderful poem! Better to have a heart that cares than not!

  4. It all begins with the heart, doesn't it? May we always recognize those danger signs. Nicely done.