Wednesday, January 16, 2013


From turn of trunk
to tabled form,
the tree has taken
shape, and now resides
in shining arms
to hold with ready
grace. This bowl
has been in rooted
earth, and born
through steady hands,
as time and patience
bring to birth, a new
form; life returned.

Wander through your house, or office. Look around you. You are looking for an ordinary object from your everyday life, inside or out, something you are fond of, love, feel passionate about, or get a kick from, despite its everyday-ness.


  1. Nice. Very nice. It took me awhile to come to the poem. As soon as I saw the bowl I was captured. I love beautiful wood. I studied it for quite a while. Lovely, as is your taking the tree and returning it to life through your poem.

    1. The bowl was made in Malawi. There is a shop here which sells locally turned wood and it is incredibly beautiful and incredibly cheap. I have a passion for wood and trees - my father was a carpenter so perhaps there is a genetic connection. Either that or I have been a tree in past lives!!!