Saturday, January 12, 2013


Anger sits with hooded eyes,
curled claws closely grip
the solid wrist of reason
which hovers o'er my heart.
This winged beast with endless eyes,
in silence slowly fed
can turn and tear if long ignored
and slay my soul in shreds.
She rests in quiet submission,
full feathers fold and fall
to guard the powers hidden
which stirs when passion calls.
This bird of prey when guided well,
in rage released again,
can soar and seek with sight restored
and strike the source of pain.


  1. Wonderful images in this. I was grabbed right away by "anger sits with hooded eyes." Not sure if you meant this to be for the Poetry Jam prompt but glad I saw it. (I see you have a second posting so maybe that is the one you meant for PJ)

  2. Love all the images you used to describe suppressed anger, which when released gently helps to heal pain. Anger and pain are really two sides of the same coin, and you explored the psychology of this, poetically. This is brilliant. And thank you for visiting my blog :)