Sunday, January 13, 2013

My children grown

My children grown and suddenly,
the sense of something lost,
intangible and barely known;
I'd overlooked the cost.

As I had stretched in welcome,
in tumultuous birthing hour
a sense of new beginnings
rose; for time to then devour.

It seemed eternity had called
and smiling, offered all,
yet written small, ironically,
the words:'A loan. No more.'

Time took drifting wisps of years,
rolled up and ravelled fast,
and handed them so seriously;
the day did come at last.

And with the final reckoning,
the coins for counting called,
I straightened childhood's collar
and waved a sad farewell.

The cost had risen with the years,
a price I'd never thought,
yet one to pay with honour;
my children's future bought.


This week I want you to write a poem all about 'growing up'. This could be interpreted in a number of ways, such as:-
  • The moment you realised you were no longer a child, or conversely, the moment you realised you were an adult.
  • Write about what 'growing up' means
  • A situation where you HAD to grow up (what happened, why?, what did you feel?)
  • A comparative poem- being a child v.s being an adult
  • A poem about 'not growing up'
  • A poem about your own child growing up
  • Write about the relationship with your siblings as you grew up
  • You could even write about life-cycles! write a poem about that peculiar caterpillar if you want to!


  1. made me smile...a price to pay with honor...i like kids are grown as well now and even though it's difficult at times, i enjoy seeing how they spread wings and fly and it makes me proud.. a new time with new chances..

  2. This is great. I don't have children myself, but I can imagine that I the day ever arrives when THEY arrive, I'll consider myself grown up- and i'm sure ill get taught a whole load of lessons along the way...this also expresses a sentiment that you do whatever it takes to make sure our kids 'grow up' in the best way possible- 'paying in honour'

  3. i like the straightening of childhoods collare before sending it on the way...and extra layer of maturity...smiles...ah seeing our kids grow up is a double edged sword....

  4. My children are grown too ~ It takes a lot of sacrifice so they can have a secure future ~ But there is always a new beginning, after the farewells and sending them off ~ Find yourself and discover new roads ~ Happy Sunday ~

  5. ..someone once said life begins at 40...some truth in that, but I understand how you feel perfectly;)

  6. Beautifully ending and strong throughout.

  7. I love the rhythm in this - it strengthens the piece for me and drew me form one line to the next. I smiled at straightening childhood's collar - there are days when I still need someone to do that for me!!