Friday, January 25, 2013

It's surprising really

It's surprising really,
how many tears
can be shed, as if,
the oceans feed
into my heart and
through my eyes,
in an endless, constant,
salted washing.
It's surprising really,
how, when we cry,
it comes of its own
volition; as if some
other force has said,
it must be done.
It's surprising really,
how we cannot make
ourselves cry, not real tears,
but only let it happen,
as if we have the power
to embrace the deluge,
but not to create.
It's surprising really,
how much strength they have;
brought to birth,
in great, breaking gasps,
and deep, surrendered
sighs and sobbings.
It's surprising really,
how suddenly they come,
and then, how suddenly
they can stop, as if
the heart drew one final,
aweful breath.
It's surprising really,
how, those drenchings of
pain and grief which,
like waves within the sea,
leave us washed and clean.
Or perhaps it is not.

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