Saturday, January 26, 2013

I never thought that love

I never thought that love
would bring so many tears;
that pain would be the partner
in its soft embrace.
And yet I think that
somewhere deep I knew,
and still held out a heart
which welcomed truth.
For Soul will call us on,
to any risk, and love cannot
be limited, nor chained;
for it is life's true source.
This calling to connect
has many forms, but always,
in the greatest power it must,
hold joy and grief within
its tempting frame.
As light and dark are one,
and still the same,
so love and hate are partners,
Soul will claim, and in
the flimsy balance
they will make, us deeper,
stronger, greater, better ...
than otherwise we might
have been. Polarity reveals
upon its face, the spectrum
of our destiny and grace;
as either/or do tread in
steady dance, and pull
us through the wisdom
of our hearts.

1 comment:

  1. love and hate both take a seat in passion....and pain is all too much a bed fellow of love....making us deeper and stronger, yes that...smiles.