Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stream of consciousness

 Can consciousness
 be called a stream,

 when it is all around
and more like deepest ocean;
waves of thought which
drift and drown,
into the sea of knowing,
of all made manifest,
as ancient and eternal;
an endless universe.
Vibrations dance
in constant thrall,
to all that life would be,
and call the mind
to step in time
to all that we can see,
and feel, and hear, and know
and sense, in any way
 we can - the tides of
all becoming -
brought to birth again.

We invite you to write a “stream of consciousness” poem.  Simply said, a poem that follows the natural contours of your thoughts engaged without constraint.  This is an elementary skill for any writer, including poets.  Here, we care as much (or more) about the “process” than the result.


  1. @ Roslyn Ross
    Interestingly, we both challenge the idea of "Stream of Consciousness"
    But my poem is a bit unkind to the "Mother-Ocean" meme and the "Mind" (your "sea of knowing", perhaps -- though you did not capitalize Mind (as I didn't either)).

    I love your rhyming and line-breaks -- flows like a stream: very pleasant.

  2. Your stream is much smoother than mine. I do like that central conceit and the way your sounds reinforce it.

  3. "waves of thought which
    drift and drown,
    into the sea of knowing,"

    This is my favorite part!!!

    I love the inclusive, collective energy of this piece.

    If this is how your thoughts and heart streams, I gather a sense of deep connectivity to what IS, from you. Peace.


  4. An interesting allegory of consciousness as a vast ocean, with profound depths and vibration which enthrall through their unexpected complexity. I love the cyclicity of the poem, the way the tides are "brought to birth again".

    1. I do believe consciousness is like an ocean or a web and that everything is consciousness and we, along with everything else, are manifestations in and from that web or ocean of consciousness.