Wednesday, September 12, 2012


There is within mere wanting
a complex cavalcade,
of other drives and feelings;
of more than I perceive.
To want is something simple,
desire as brought to birth,
and yet it walks with others
who robe its inner truth.
The coat of need is thrown,
along with shawled demand,
and shoes of deepest fear,
can tread their own dark plan.

Today’s exercise is an interesting one as it asks us to consider all our wants.


  1. When I read this, aside from my always delight at your use of metaphor, I was reminded of Bourgeois's list of wants, which, when I go back to read it, embodies what your poem tells us about wanting.

    1. It is something I began to ponder after reading a great deal of Buddhist writing and beyond not agreeing with much Buddhist teaching it just seemed to me the problem was not with desire, or wanting but with desire which became demand or wants which became obsessive need.

  2. I love the extended metaphor within the end of your poem...well written for the want tryout Roslyn.

  3. Beautiful poem. I am dubbing you Queen of Metaphor.