Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I thought you should know - espistle!

I thought you should know
that I won't be home
when you get there.
In fact, I won't be back
again and it is unlikely
we will ever meet. At
least not if I have my way.
This may come as a
surprise, but it shouldn't.
You would not marry me,
or commit in any real
sense, and so, I am leaving.
Rather, I have left. It is
your house, so I take nothing;
except for the food in the
fridge, which I bought.
You will have to eat out!


  1. "I take nothing but my leave. Adieu!!"

    Brilliant. Would hate to come home to find this.

  2. Sad and feisty parting poem. I, too, would hate to come home to such a note, but it seems like the addressed person had it coming.

  3. Everyone has a breaking point, she found hers. This is fiesty and not mean, just realistic and true,


  4. The last line is certain advice this 'relationship' concluded. Like the ending very much.

  5. What can I say that already hasn't already been said - a fun read.

    I scrawled here:

  6. What an acerbic way to end a goodbye note. But sometimes, those acerbic lines are well-deserved. As it seems, this entire epistle.