Friday, September 21, 2012

Flies and skies


Night consumes the last of light,
and summons fireflies,
as if to promise flickered hope.


The demons dance eternal,
upon ancient plains  of chance,
as sorrowing sky reflects and weeps .

Two pieces of music for today:
Fireflies by Owl City
Under African Skies by Paul Simon


  1. Two distinctly different pieces to reflect the two pieces of music. The first offers flickering hope, the second seems to mourn. We wouldn't know the one without the other. You have balanced them well,


    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Perhaps living in Africa for so long I have a somewhat jaded view!

  2. Balance is a key. I chuckled though when I read that you might have a 'jaded' view because I thought of the Wizard of Oz and that (at least in the book) Dorothy and friends had to wear glasses with green lenses so that every thing would look green in the Emerald City.

  3. The Third World can wear one down Jules - I am notching up about 14 years in India and various African countries and while one learns appreciation through deprivation, one also wishes it were other. No doubt therein lies the problem. I know how life can be and wish everyone could have that quality of life. If I am struck by anything it is how much time goes on just basic a practical sense.