Sunday, September 23, 2012

My love affair

My love affair,  it is
with life, as all that
it can be, and understanding
all that is - to know the mystery.
And in the doing have
some sense of all that
I can see,  and hear,
and feel, and do, and be,
as  truth and fantasy.
It's putting all the pieces
in patterns large and small,
of soul and self, of you
and me, of everything
that is and was -
that stories can be told.
The gift of curiosity
does drive obsession's
heart, and keeps me always
on the search; holds close
my destined path.
And in the doing
is revealed a knowing,
sure and deep and I
can hear the voice of God;
eternal as it speaks. 

Part 9: My Love Affair With… – What is your obsession? What do you truly enjoy above all else? Write the passion that goes into your extra-curricular endeavors. What piques your interest? What would you love to try? What is your guilty pleasure? Tell us about it in all its poetic finery.

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