Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn solitude

Laughter eloquent as leaf,
in golden, shimmer shudders,
to dress the sky so briefly;
and haunt the soil in time.
These offerings of Autumn
hang lightly in the air,
and dance decay's becoming;
twixt life and death ensnared.
Each one is born in solitude,
and dies alone at last,
in crumbling drifts eternal;
from tree to waiting earth.


  1. the dance decays turn of phrase there....from solitude to capture the cycle well and hopefully in between we are not so alone...

    1. Thanks Brian. I don't think we are ever alone. :)

  2. Fun images -- I saw autumn trees. "Born in solitude and dies alone"? So this is not about where you find solitude but just about feeling isolated? Is this the dark side of isolate?

    1. Solitude takes many forms. In reality while we are always connected, we are also unique and isolated - the solitude of Self. I see this reflected in the leaves. It is just the reality of life.

    2. Cool, gotcha. Great images. Thanx.

  3. born in solitude and dying alone...the circle closes..autumn's a good image for this.. and i'm glad you like my pic..smiles