Sunday, July 28, 2013


The sea in soulful slide and suck
does wash upon earth's carved and cradled breast,
in liquid sighs so somnolent and  patterned,
caressing kiss in salty slough surrendered;
that all may drink the draughts of offered life,
to see creation brought to birth and scattered.

In sylphic slow remembering each wave,
does crest upon the moment unto waiting death,
and hold its breath upon the edge of hollow, dusted air,
as gristled soil and rock do shake into new forms;
with water in an endless push and breathless pull,
does drive with hidden purpose; gifts to share.

Such oceanic surging writhes and rolls,
fluidic flow which seeks and soothes and heals,
a planetary sap in aqueous stealth of rivered, driven being,
wherein the source of life is held and given;
elixir in elusive flux fulfilled and held,
until it breaks upon the sand in drench of tears.


  1. I loved the opening stanza...but the whole poem moved like the swell of the ocean.
    "In sylphic slow remembering each wave,
    does crest upon the moment unto waiting death," my favourite lines. Very enjoyable read.

  2. i love the rhythm in has the movement of the water...beautiful images as fav being the breaking upon the sand in drench of tears.. brings it even closer

  3. It's evident how much you relish words. I love the way these all lead up to that splendid last line.

  4. really nice textures in this...the slipper water, which you make tangible with your alliteration through out and the grit in gristled verse

  5. I love the classic presentation of this poem. Rivetting work.

  6. Very stately and beautiful cadence, and the grandness of what you describe - the elemental driven deep qualities reflected well in the writing. K. (

  7. Hey love people who do
    not grow up on the beach
    are really missing out.

    Love ya friend
    ooh! it feels that way
    so free to share when there.

  8. First time reader Roslyn Ross - as an artist picks up a sable brush to create a masterpiece of colour, lines, form, so have you done by your words.

  9. I'm also a first time reader. I was struck from the first line by your assonance and alliteration. What a luscious read!

  10. Another lovely one. thanks for the read:)

  11. You write with a majestic quality deserving of the subject matter, allowing the reader to transcend the mundane with a hightened sense of awe. Thanks for sharing ~ peace, Jason