Friday, July 26, 2013


In gratitude we open arms to life,
embracing in the moment what may come,
that first awakened creep of smiling, softened dawn,
the stretch of limbs releasing  into grace,
awareness as we're drawn into new mind and vision;
a step on solid ground which sends us forth.

Droop of fading flower in beauteous death,
abandoned in surrendered, pink, pure petalled limbs,
velvet sighs in fall upon dark polished, unforgiving wood;
a faint perfume of soul seduced by night;
as watered morning showers in crystal drops, begins
the cleansing drench of dreams not understood.

Dance of dress in waltz to welcome day,
as costume calls persona to present once more,
and sole is shod in that which will protect, preserve,
smooth of tangled soul and hair  arrayed;
as nature's choir in syrup song beats wings reborn,
and small, delighted birds once more are heard.

Sip of sugared tea and crisp of toast,
as golden marmalade  does swim in shining sea,
redolent of aromatic citrus and the burn of summer sun,
light in layered rays on freshened breath of skin;
the smoke and sultry presence of brewed leaves,
as memory and moment rejoice, in what's begun.

Wash of iridescent sky-blown searing blue,
as trees in dappled spread play games with light,
and jasmine creeps in tease of slow, addictive luscious clouds,
and crush of gravel sings  of dusty path;
floral race of colour holds the edge of  folding flight,
in blossoming, which joy in thanks, does so devour.


  1. agree that embracing the moment is a form of gratitude...nice fluidity of imagery after that...

    got your email, i like to think it less a system and more how a community opperates...and there are far too many self centered poets out there, keep us humble to read others and show we care

    1. I agree Brian about community and I do always access at least one or two, sometimes more, and Like or comment, so was curious as to why you commented. But all good.

    2. oh i was just acknowledging and appreciating the effort i saw the other day in seeing you on several other seemed tuesday was one of those sometimes more days.

    3. You made me laugh. Fair enough. It may well have been. Time in Africa is a moveable feast depending upon whether or not we have water, power, diesel, internet or phones.:)

  2. Beautifully wrought. I don't know if you did it deliberately, Roslyn, but the alliteration in this added so much without being overbearing. And reading comments, I didn't realize you were in Africa. Your last comment makes me think twice about what we take for granted. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just seeing if you will accept a comment from me after3 attempts

    1. Thanks for that. I don't have any blocks on comments so they should just appear.

  4. Yes a beautiful poem and I identified particularly with the last two stanzas as where I live in southern spain they resonate with me especially because of my memories of Africa.
    I hope you will feel relaxed in this community of poets.
    Tigerbrite x

  5. Learning to give thanks is one of life's truest rewards :) peace, and happy weekend. Jason

  6. It amazes me how much rich imagery you can include in this one poem, illustrating just how much we do have to be grateful for.