Friday, July 19, 2013


The eye and mind
in management,
took image
and made sense,
where nothing was
quite as it seemed;
we saw what was
not meant.
In slow and sure
the message was
in bounce of
spinning atoms;
reality was born.
With pen and brush,
the picture drawn,
displayed, and all
revealed, and each
so different from
what was - or what
we did believe.
Perfection sourced
in chaos, the facts
so clearly worked,
to indicate variety;
each saw their
own pure truth.


  1. Amazing use of words... Nothing is quite the same as it seems.. That is true. There are many dimensions to every truth or reality.

  2. oft we each do see our own truth in is true oft in life as well....using our own filters of experience, finding emotion most familiar to build our perception

  3. "Perfection sourced
    in chaos"

    That is very cool.

  4. "we saw what was not meant" ... How often do we do that and how much conflict does it lead to?

    There is objective reality, but none of us is either able to see it or to describe it accurately.

  5. Nicely written and so true. Eye witness accounts always vary among individuals. What was real...what was fill in the blanks...what was projection. You have my brain atoms spinning right now which is a good thing for writing to do ;-O