Tuesday, July 9, 2013


To walk into the face of fear,
to stare down inner grief,
to let the rage of rumour fly;
suspending disbelief.
To hold the ground of sanity,
as time in sequence flew,
and lies tied tight emotions;
lost courage found anew.
So do we walk our inner path,
so do we trust our Soul,
to quickly take us to the edge;
to jump when Life does call.

FLY (intransitive verb)
1a : to move in or pass through the air with wings
  b : to move through the air or before the wind or through outer space
  c : to float, wave, or soar in the air <flags flying at half-mast>
2a : to take flight : flee
  b : to fade and disappear : vanish
3a : to move, pass, or spread quickly <rumors were flying>  
  c : to seem to pass quickly <the time simply flew>



  1. very reminiscent of a hymn with its rhythmic qualities & syntax - beautifully spun

  2. Beautiful poem. "to let the rage of rumour fly;" - this is so hard to do, but declarations of truth aren't heard over the rumor's roar anyway.

  3. Life will come a callin'! I like this, well done.

  4. Beautifully done Roslyn! I love the first four lines in particular. Fantastic use of rhythm. :)

  5. I'm a sucker for iambs and this is flawless. The rhymes are subtle and nice and give just the right tone.

    I actually get a little Robert Frost feeling from this piece... a complex simplicity.

    Very good, I'm glad for the visit.

    1. Thanks to everyone and Bjorn, I am not good at the mechanics, it just comes out as it comes out but glad it came out with the right tone.