Wednesday, July 17, 2013



Season spoke in searing teeth,
as suffocating smile, to suck
the breath from earth and air
and would not be denied.

In raging grasp of vicious red,
and golden, searching dance,
the fiery waves in blackened fall,
screamed in the face of chance.

The earth in fallowed heating,
the timbers stretched by fire,
the grass extinguished - shattering,
a world where death drank life.

Words of ash rode whirling wind,
in burning, brutal tease,
which held mortality in grasp;
brought death as fate decreed.

Horizon held in brutal belch,
throughout the dying days,
until at last the flames were spent;
and night's cool hand was raised.

And then beneath a glittered sky,
the earth reflected black,
in shivered embers scattered far,
on suppurating tracks.


  1. Those who have undergone fire will recognise your vivid imagery.

  2. yes, vivid imagery and your mastery of poetic form and rhythm is impressive - i've seen such burnings, this brought them back...