Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So often crude reception,
of arts delivered gifts,
when cast like pearls
to heathen swine;
their quality to miss.
In word or stroke
of painted brush, in
craft, or cake or plant,
so many can't identify,
where quality does mark.
The writer, painter,
gardener, chef, the
potter, weaver too,
will work eternal magic;
without a wise review.
Forget the crass receiving,
demand no note or grace,
and know that beauty
sings - endures;
in absence of all taste.



3: marked by the primitive, gross, or elemental or by uncultivated simplicity or vulgarity <a crude stereotype>


  1. Poetry that sounds very true to life with a soft humorous undertone. The amateur chef can relate!

  2. Creativity is, often, a lonely pursuit. You have touched upon a universal characteristic of everyone who makes something out of nothing; sometimes for the benefit of others and, sometimes, purely for the essential act of creation. Well done.

  3. I love the last lines - beauty endures in the absence of taste.

  4. It made me smile. So true. So many can't identify... but beauty endures.. that's great!

  5. A gift from the heart and soul is worth a million store-bought ones!

  6. This in itself is a work of art! (:

  7. So many wonderful things go unappreciated because they're not considered "good enough". If only things were different, maybe then there wouldn't be so much crudeness.

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  8. Thank goodness artists--at least some artists--persevere in the face of indifference or disdain, or just imagine the bleak and artless world we'd live in. Thanks for this graceful, elegant poem.

  9. Really nice rhythm to this! I read it twice.

  10. Clever poem. I like the slightly cynical humor. And I think this is so true in many cases. Great piece.