Thursday, July 25, 2013


Kaleidoscope contemptuous revolving,
in coloured mirroring of all that was,
as mind sought reason in the chaos turning,
as universe revealed intensive love.

Through flickered days and nights
the sure reflecting, of psyche and of
soul and inner worlds; as dreams drew
deep in realms of hidden meaning,
creating what could manifest as sense.

Kaleidoscope contemptuous revolving,
in vivid shape and form of all that was,
as Self sought purpose in eternal yearning,
as Soul revealed the path which led to truth.


  1. Is it all smoke and mirrors...hopefully the Soul can indeed upon occasion have the revelation of the path that is true.

    Nicely done. I took a different approach:

  2. An impressive realisation of the kaleidoscopic effects. The line "through flickered days and nights" resonated with me.

  3. Always there are questions and wondering. Pondering is a very real aspect of the kaleidoscope effect. Well written.