Friday, July 12, 2013

Mantled morning

In mantled morning when sun shyly shone ,
the heart did herald dance of dawn sublime,
and muddled mind in misted thought was drawn,
on bended knee  where lingering love had torn,
the shroud of suffering from sorrow's face;
revealing raw and raddled, truth as grace. 

That moment when the light did linger long,
and trace the brittle brightness barely born,
so grief did gather glory in glad hands,
as something hope had hurled in full abandon,
in shivered, shining shawls of hate and hurt;
the drape of doubt in drench of bitter curse.

But day in burst becoming brought bare torch,
which shone upon the lies which littered, laid,
as blossoms bruised and blanched upon the path,
dropped by infatuation's fair and fickle hands,
which mark the map all lovers do demand;
to mock in memory mere mortal plans.


  1. Smooth flow and great poetry here... Lovely read

  2. I admire how controlled and emotive your lines are. The lines read tender while full with ache and loss. Enjoyed.

  3. nice...not only did you do a great job on the allit
    but filled it with emotion as well...
    well played.

  4. "so grief did gather glory in glad hands,
    as something hope had hurled in full abandon"

    I love this line and the idea of hope hurling grief.

  5. Well done. Reminded me of Shakespeare:)

  6. So much alliteration - but it all flows so naturally. This is really good, Roslyn.

  7. love the first stanza especially. wonderful work on the form, this poem just rolls... beautiful piece.