Sunday, July 7, 2013

Psyche's jigsaw

In puzzled, plaintive ponderings,
the image sure was searched,
of Self as deep surrenderings;
the pieces, scattered, hurt.
Finding shapes which fitted,
to hold the picture clear,
was Soul's allotted tasking,
to bring me into being.
It was not with understanding,
that all the work was done,
but finding the connections;
inserting one by one.
Through steady, slow selecting,
all would be found a place,
as psyche's jigsaw was restored;
and I could see my face.


  1. Well done. Very much enjoyed this.

  2.'s good to be able to see and recognize our face again... re-finding a certain whole-ness...

  3. Fitting the pieces together to see one's self is great. I really love the alliterations you used to,,, great writing.

  4. So many of us do this....whether we have a choice or not...certainly helps if all circuits are connected properly and functioning normally ;)

  5. slow and steady,finding the connections, the right places...when you can this is def the best approach...smiling at seeing your face when its all done...we are all a bunch of puzzles surely...

  6. A great write about finding one's self.