Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two sides

There are two sides  to everything we see,
dual ways to understand our hearts and minds,
the glass half full, half empty as it seems;
the moment split and seen as dark or bright.

Divided into opposites this world of ours,
made either/or and right or wrong declared,
with good and evil, black and white defined;
where 'and' is not allowed to even share.

There is no clear reality in what we see as truth,
for death in all its forms is transformation into life,
and living is a sequence of sure and certain endings;
the meaning that we give  is what decides.

For good can bring forth evil in its wake,
and evil can give birth to greater good,
while what was wrong in time is seen as right,
and what was right can haunt; pure evil's hood.

'Perhaps', the Arab sage did say, each time when told,
that something was a good, or something bad,
perhaps it is, perhaps it's not he would reply;
knowing that such certainty could not be had.


  1. I think what you say holds much true... though anything of greater good would haunt me ... It can only be said as judgement after long times passing.. but more importantly, most things are neither nor... which is why I think the grey is what really works... In Swedish there is a word lagom... it means exactly right (not to much and not to little) and always as something positive...

  2. A lot here and a lot of layers that entwine. Sometimes to divide is better than unite. This is very thought provoking and nicely done.

  3. So very true that there are (at least) two sides to everything we see. Truth is so often in the eye of the beholder or depends on which 'facts' are recognized as factual and which words are thought opinions. Liked the last stanza and the words of the Arab sage. "Perhaps" is a better to use than "For sure...." Nicely penned.

  4. I like how you incorporated the sage's words.....profound.