Sunday, January 12, 2014

Distorted vision

How easily the mind can twist the truth of those we love,
turn upside down and inside out realities long known,
and tumble into rabbit-holes where reason has no place;
madness rules reality  and hope will not be shown.

That which can be known as real, so finally established,
pegged tidily upon the line of reason and belief,
can in an instant be pulled free, tossed carelessly aside,
to lie bedraggled, dusted with the sands of fantasy.

Mirrors are reflected through corridors of distant thought,
images collected, flashing,  clear and brightly drawn,
distractions and distortions which trap in sudden glare;
beliefs are born in hidden realms and love is left forlorn.


  1. Beliefs are born in hidden realms. Yes, I think this is so.

  2. It's a confused world that you've penned for us, Roslyn.

  3. Roslyn, I found the 1st verse really, really strong. I think I'd like to see a 3rd verse. In the middle.