Sunday, January 19, 2014

The wood within

The wood within
is dark and deep,
close-set with many trees-
the leaves stand stiff
like armour strapped,
untouched by any breeze.

A woman bent
and old as time
came out and turned to greet-
her face in shadow,
eyes black, sharp,
a chance, myself to meet.

And when I asked
her what it was
that she did darkly seek,
she cried: 'Your soul,
is what I want, for
it is mine to keep.'

The groan within
was dark and deep,
fear filled, took hold
and locked. I stood
I could not move,
as on my tomb
she knocked.

I turned and fled,
the forest deep,
and prayed once more
for light. I knew
I left not far behind
my own eternal night.

And when I sat
in safe, bright day
and turned my eyes
to see, I knew the woman
was my guide,
and she could set me free.

The wood within,
it is my own -
I planted every tree.
The woman old,
and bent by time,
can lead myself to me.


  1. she sounds s bit scary first, that old woman... interesting twist there in the close that she may actually be someone who is not to fear as much as we think first... wishing you safe travels

  2. A wood within.. sounds to me as those places where we hide our subconscious secrets.. I think a guide might be good in those scary woods, or you might be lost... great rhythm and meter... (I think I detected a ballad, but with odd line-breaks).. that made me think it should be sung.

  3. This is very mysterious!

  4. I agree with Bjorn...that wood within is a living space that holds our deepest thoughts.

  5. How creepy. A bit like the Ancient Mariner in rhythm. It reads beautifully

  6. I liked the journey this poem took me on, it has a feel of folklore and fairy tale

  7. Really, really super, captivating.

  8. How the psych hides who we really are:)
    enjoyed this.

  9. Rather dark but intriguing...there are mysterious places within us, and our young/old self is one...really not to be feared. Well written!

  10. Agree with Bjorn too - words very much to sing.
    Anna :o]

  11. Thanks everyone for taking the time. The poem came out of a meditation where I actually met the 'old woman' who I realised was a part of myself, albeit, somewhat scary at the time.... but seen symbolically, all positive.