Friday, October 24, 2014

There are no accidents

Are there no accidents in life,
no random events or chaos,
despite what we would like so
dearly to be true, for then, in

that strange way of thinking,
we could believe that nothing
we do, or say, or are, or have
been or might be, plays any

part in what happens, and that
we, like snowflakes, or grains
of sand, are blown at the whim
and will of forces we do not

understand, where there is no
need to take responsibility of
any kind, because, after all,
we are powerless and there is

no point? Or is there? Have we
instead, chosen our path, made
careful plans before we enter
this world, for that which we

will encounter on our way,
leaving only our choices as
to what we do with it, how we
react, and what lessons can

be learned once we accept that
there is a point and purpose to
it all, even though it is unseen,
and nothing happens by chance?


  1. This particular question was a great one to engage in with 10th graders before reading Oedipus and Macbeth.

    Have I mentioned recently how much I love your poems? It's been a while. I do love your poems.

    1. Thanks Margo. I do value your opinion while constantly beating myself up in Virgo style. Sigh. I decided to experiment with non-rhyming for a bit but hope I am keeping some rhythm. I am a bit torn on it all but....pushing on.

  2. What a whole lot of pressure. ;)

    Thoughtful sentiments.