Friday, October 24, 2014


If I could list the things I miss,
now that you are no longer so
deeply in my world, despite the
fact I know, you might, just

maybe, might return one day
or not, and therein lies the
deep, abiding place of loss, I
would say, and not in any

order, that I miss the broad
spread of your smile; the way
you had of speaking, slowly,
casually, as if we had all the

time in the world; the clear
bright shine in your eyes; the
way you brushed your hair
back with your hand; the way

you slouched in your seat, so
relaxed, at peace with yourself
and with me; the way you had
of making me laugh with a

wit, so cutting sometimes it
hurt, even though it was not
meant to; the way you had
of being present,  no words

needed and none offered; the
way your brow furrowed when
something troubled you; the
way you looked with deep,

abiding love on those who
loved you in return..... such
a list could and does go on
without end, because there

will never be enough words
to hold in place, what I miss,
and never a list so long that
it could contain all it must.


  1. Beautiful Ros. I'd love for someone to write about me like that, except ... that would mean I wasn't there.

  2. Really lovely poem. Just beautiful.

  3. Roslyn, this is very poignant...when we think about someone who is's those little movements and habits that made the person unique that we remember most...being alive we take them for granted..

  4. The way you miss someone .. listing those things is heartbreaking

  5. smiles....remembering the little is touching...makes me a bit melancholy...a happy sad...

  6. 'lt never be enough words...' ~ love it, so we turn to show with no words our affection...I know it's hard, turn to your heart... xx

  7. A sad piece- the loss contained within it is palpable- well done.

  8. Quite sad but also some good memories to hold onto. I especially like:

    way you looked with deep,

    abiding love on those who
    loved you in return"