Friday, October 31, 2014

Celebrating death

Celebrating death - can that be done
with songs and laughter, with ribbons
turning in hollow air, and songs sung
through rippled grief, the notes hung

like sad bunting, across the paths of
deep sorrow, where nimble, weeping
feet, step through dances lightly, and
eyes sparkle with glittered tears, like

diamonds of delight, except that they
reflect deep shadows, haunted days
and bitter nights, where candles hold
eternal flicker for the chilled shape

of corpse, as limbs set, stone-like, and
never to flex again, held eternal as
only memory, and even then, fading?
Celebrating death - can that be done?


  1. No the reality of death is not ribbons, laughter and songs...perhaps remembering that the body becomes an empty vessel to the life that once inhabited it and will still remain with us...heart and soul is

  2. How beautiful! Your poem celebrates life, not death, though death is the occasion. I see each image double--its external manifestation and inner struggle rippling through grief. I love "notes hung / like sad bunting, across the paths of / deep sorrow." Also the 4 stanza's pacing down the page in a somber pace that belies the dance.

  3. I think a celebration is important for the life they led and the love they left in our heart.

  4. I love to celebrate in such positive way! Beautiful thought :)x

  5. A dance to remember the dead wouldn't be bad.