Thursday, October 9, 2014



October, the month so many decades ago,
through the fall of forty-four Summers,
the rise of Winters, Autumns, Springs, of
mornings, evenings, days and nights, those

illuminations of life, captured in a library
of memory, from the time that we were one
and you were no longer stranger, and we
had both, emerged from the mudstreaked

fields of loneliness and yearning, and found
each other's arms, and hearts, and minds,
when two were joined in a love which could
reach wide and strong to straddle years of

togetherness, from the instant of our pledge,
when words spoken of commitment and
of hopes and dreams, fell into a marriage of
our deepest and most powerful imaginings.

N.B. On 23/10/2014 we have been married 44 years. I think we are as surprised as all the friends and family who said at the time, it would never work.


  1. Libraries much to remember from such window of time...I love the way you left mudstreaked hanging at the end of the stanza... :)

  2. ah ... a lovely journey ... a wonderful autumn.

  3. The turn toward marriage's fulfilment is underpinned by deep imagining -- like that.

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely poem.