Friday, October 24, 2014


Deliquescent were the days we knew,
fluid, flowing, melting into time,
washing through the hours eternal;
dissolving doubts in love's rich brew.

Succulent the moments as they fell,
splashing joy so smoothly on the way,
aqueous the laughter of our hearts;
seeking stories soul did have to tell.

Dulcet came the tones of lover's song,
fluent were the words they offered up,
ichorous, liquescent and divine;
luscious union born, to us belonged. 

Molten fears did linger in our veins,
mellifluous and solvent,  deep recall,
so did moist and tender mind reveal;
pain was a companion on the way.

Serous hopes did course and flow anew,
moving through our bodies, silently,
kissing passion's wet and tender lips;
devotion was the gift of ardour's brew.  


  1. nice use of language in this ros....pain is a part of life...and we have to deal with it...or learn to ...if we are going to get beyond and to that renewal you bring out there in the last stanza....

  2. Delicious language, and the flow of words so matches the subject (I had to look up "deliquescent"; thanks for giving me a new word). Well done. Thank you.

  3. yum. This gives the sense of newness and luscious worth going through pain for. It lifts the lovee to new heights of devotion.