Friday, October 31, 2014


We see the world,
but upside down
and then we turn
it right, and tell
ourselves that's
how it is, and yet
deceived by mind.

Within the dance
of molecules, and
through the song
of life, we sense so
much and see so
little - deceived
again by mind.

In frequency and
movement, as all
vibrates in turn,
we do receive the
messages,  but it's
still unheard - so
does mind unfurl.

And in this strange
deception, this
silent, hidden world
we find our ways
of seeing - and all
is then revealed.


  1. It does seem oftentimes that we put our own slant on what we see...and yes, as you said, sometimes we 'sense' rather than 'see' what we are looking at.

  2. the lens of the eye sees true, within its spectrum - but the mind deciphers indeed.

  3. This is very true. It is very easy to focus on what we sense rather than what is actually there. Yet a lot of misunderstandings can follow.

  4. Groovy piece- what an interesting take on the proompt. Love the second stanza.

  5. This makes me wonder about just how much I don't see of the world - people's lives, the beauty of different cultures, etc. - because of how my mind distorts things. I like the questions that this makea me ask.

  6. i think it is so important to practice.. practice.. practice seeing the world different and sometimes literally as so.. perhaps walking in reverse.. reading in reverse.. finding avenues not oft pursued...

    And truly when we open our mind like this.. and new connections form per philosophy or science of mind...

    The lights come on.. in dark places lived before..
    Light now shines.. of paths forged new of old and same!..:)

  7. Yeah somehow we find our way through all that is hidden. And come out of it anew! Nicely penned!

  8. Our perspective colors what we see/feel and our response to it. Important to get other perspectives/feelings to adjust ours. Your poem gets me thinking about taking a look once again at my perspective.


  9. I find it fascinating how much we don't see of what is around us....and how much of our mind that we do not use. This is truly thought provoking Roslyn.