Thursday, October 30, 2014

I won't come back

I won't ever come back,
to that place where we
were, to that realm of
pain, and deep sorrow,

as you disconnected
and drifted away, the
ties loosening, fraying
without love's care

and keeping where life
became calcified and
death wove tight threads
around heart and mind,

puling taut the stitches,
imprisoning, holding,
and suffocating - I
won't ever come back

to that place, because
I have set you free,
released what was and
what might be, let go

of demands and needs-
surrendered to reality,
accepted what is - at
least, that is my hope.


  1. Riveting read, speaking to the places within us.

  2. It is a lesson too few learn.
    I know of too many who won't let go and suffer still.

    Thanks for your visit. I had fun with the prompt.

  3. It's interesting that it's, to me, it feels like a promise not to reprise. I like that...emotively captured. :)