Wednesday, October 8, 2014


That moment when the dragonfly,
shivered into view, shining, full
of glistenings, desperate wavings
in the air, busy in its being and
it's doing; glorious in its presence,
shaking away, with wings of pure
distraction, the cares of deep night
and dark, foreboding days.... in
that one brief moment, I shared
its freedom and simple delight, in
a space where mundane was an
unexpected and comforting joy.


  1. Sharing freedom with a creature as beautiful as a dragonfly is a memorable moment indeed.

  2. That moment... is the birth of all good poetry... beautiful capture!

  3. That connection to nature is a moment of perfection and for me is the proof of the existence of God. Beautiful poem.

  4. I love dragonflies! I can see how one would trigger such a lovely poem.

  5. such a lovely poem, to find freedom in a dragonfly's wake! to connect to Nature, to find fulfillment!

  6. Groovy piece. Love- "the dragonfly, shivered into view, shining, full of glistenings, desperate wavings in the air."

  7. "...where mundane was an
    unexpected and comforting joy."
    It's always a surprise when the mundane pleases--and many times, it brings even greater delight by virtue of its unanticipated appearance.

  8. nice write... Dragonflies are such beautiful creatures, I always wonder what it'd be like to have their kind of freedom... and wings. smiles...

  9. There is a haiku moment in sharing your moment with a dragonfly.. I like how you filled it out.

  10. That moment, those dragonfly instants - can really crystallize a memory

  11. Yes.. the dragonfly and roach are two of the longest living creatures on earth today.. one is not quite revered.. but the helicopter wings of colored dragonfly wings.. in body of colors so bright and varied too.. do bring delight as they light on fingers and blades of grass too...

    Ah but the poor roach.. but no not so poor.. as really adapted so strong.. to whatever comes..

    the roach does not care for compliments.. the roach simply gets the biggest job done...for extended survival..

    while the dragonfly does it in flying.. whizzing by colors!

    And yes.. dragonflies and fireflies are truly two of my MOST favorite things.. of joy in the magic of what life can and is.. in the corner of eyes.. that see details of beauty..

    instead of tapestry of ugly human cultural ways.. of live in illusion.. instead of living true to Mother Nature! ways!

  12. I like the magic feel in the way you use imagery in this poem. I like that the dragonfly evokes freedom.

  13. I love how Mother Nature can give you moments like that...if you let her.
    Very nice visuals here.