Friday, May 31, 2013


A diamond kiss upon your lips,
sharp edges feeling still,
as jasmine drifted from your mouth;
heart's golden light revealed.
Your taste was drenched in perfume,
the shape rolled round my tongue,
as love lit anchored feelings;
the notes seductive hung.
In blistered, bursting moments,
the truth of all you were,
had dressed that one sweet meeting;
of flesh, of mind, of soul.

 For today’s prompt, I invite you to play around with mixing up those senses. It’s not necessary to write a complete poem in synesthesia, just include an incident in which you invite your readers to taste, or see, or hear, or touch, or smell something that defies the sense you are using.


  1. Oooh sounds very nice. Lovely poem

  2. "jasmine drifted from you mouth..." very nice

  3. blistered bursting moments...well now that is rather intense...smiles..the truth of all you were is a great line...and how much it touched...

  4. I really like your rhythm and rhyme. Very nice. This is my favorite:

    "the truth of all you were,
    had dressed that one sweet meeting"

  5. i like blistered bursting moment

  6. This flowed so well--the rhyme and meter. Nice use of the prompt.

  7. Great synesthetic qualities; nice rhyme scheme; a beauty of a poem! -Mike

  8. Some wonderful phrases here: you have interpreted the prompt to perfection.

  9. I love how you describe the intensity by the sharpness.. and I can recall those time it was not just soft and friendly... Diamond kisses and blistered moments... even the roses have thorns.

  10. The sensuality, the rhythm, the jasmine gave an exotic feel - beautiful.