Tuesday, May 7, 2013


He spoke as if like
laughter from his lips,
his words fell light
and loosely on my soul;
like a patronising hand
upon a child.
He lied, but without knowing,
never caring what he said,
he gave me pliant words
to twist my heart.
They laid with me
till morning and then
my mind removed distortion,
laid them straight,
until they faded
in a line of truth.
I knew that night's sweet
dimness was untrue,
but still my heart rejected
honest day and tried
to recreate the beauty past.
I'd curled into the fickle hand
of night and blessed
its soft caress with wanton joy
as darkness shrouded logic,
sense and reason,
and left me blind to what
I see today.
A memory without
meaning I possess,
a memory that I wish
I had not found-
and yet there is no sadness
no regrets - just doubts
within myself to what is me.



  1. mmm...great evocative close....really like the progressiion of this from him lying...and not even knowing and you laying the words straight so they disappear in a line of truth...ha..that was really cool

  2. interesting read, hidden lies without even knowing, truth unveiled..fav lines

    his words fell light
    and loosely on my soul;

  3. One of my all-time favourite Shakespeare sonnets:http://www.shakespeare-online.com/sonnets/138.html
    plays with the topic of lies and the verb forms.