Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bubbled life

Image - Leovi 2011.

Life bubbled on the breast of tortured colour,
blew shivered gems of liquid, shining toil
and in the drape and dress of feathered telling,
bequeathed an image light of slurried gold.

In  rising resonance of deliquescent blue,
the blood of passion surged to huddled birth,
and in the sliding creep of glorious light,
revealed new mysteries upon the earth.


  1. smiles...i am all for new mysteries to be revealed...that opening stanza is pretty amazing...bubbled on the breast, what interesting imagery, hooked me right away...slurried gold too...very cool...

  2. love the lines in the second stanza, lots of good rolling around on the tongue.

  3. What a great story of Genesis you've pictured .. Slurried gold and bubbles. I can see new life being born in your text ;-)

  4. ..aww, i like your use of language... it reflects a wise, wide-experienced woman in you... i can feel the urgency to eat more of these... thanks... smiles...

  5. Some wonderful lines in this:

    bequeathed an image light of slurried gold being one.

  6. deliquescent...luv that word.(^_^) Your piece definitely gives life to Leovi's image.

  7. Gorgeous... I especially like the first stanza.

  8. This poem made me think of a jeweler making well jewelry but the heat used changing the color of the metals and melting them together. (But that's my take) The second line in this is my favorite. Love the use of "shivered" and adding gems gives me the illusion of fire and ice? Either way, nicely done! :)