Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heart and mind

Sometimes it feels as if the heart has lost its way,
 to mind, to reason and to circumstance,
as if it walks, to the beat, of its own drum,
and asks I follow, but gives me no other choice.
The song which sets it on its unexpected way,
is always sounded through the notes of love,
of others, of those we hold so dear,
and those who beat in time with all our being.
It is as if each cell of child and lover has remembered,
how to play the strings of who I am,
and in the doing, build a symphony of my becoming,
and of theirs, and of the relationship that we have.
Is it the discordance between thought and feeling,
which brings to struggling birth,
something other; new beginnings and awakenings,
on Soul's surrendered and shared journey?
Perhaps it is only in the moments lost between,
what we call reality, or even truth,
 that we can find the pattern which will keep us,
both, in tune, with who and what we are meant to be.

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