Monday, October 29, 2012


Who sorts the thoughts within my mind,
which brings the day to be
in names and judgements negative
to peace and harmony?

The dull and dreary does not live
unless I say it is
and boredom is another name
where reverie would breathe.

What’s in a name I stand and ask?
As mind holds brush aloft
to paint my day with bitter words;
ensure that peace is lost.

It’s in the name that meaning comes,
to make the day its own;
where dull can be a quietness
and boredom, time alone.

Within the quiet, easy days
when peace has come to call
it knocks upon the ancient door
where hope is Word no more.

It’s in the words unspoken
and those we choose to know
that day is made and brought to be,
what we would make it so.

It’s not just the beginning where Word
is found and called,
but in the middle and the end,
that Word does make our world.

So choose your words with care
and hold them to the light
that day may be in brightness
and not imprisoned night.


  1. Love the rhythm and rhyme here. The light touch is an excellent way to give good advice!