Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's love got to do with it?

Four letters make
a word which holds
the truth of life
in place; embodying
bestowing inner grace.
In all its myriad
meanings, Love stands
beneath all things,
ensuring pure connection
throughout eternity.
Without such love
we cannot meet, or touch
or care, or feel; there
is no art, or beauty,
there is no way to heal.
Love locks us in its arms
and gives the gift of Soul
to all, that we may be, or
feel, or know, or do,
or even dream.


  1. this is beautiful, Roslyn! and so true!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


  2. smiles....all else is nothing if it is not for def gives meaning to life...

  3. A really beautiful flowing poem--lovely read. That last stanza is brilliant.

  4. Very interesting. The cadence is pleasant. You speak of love as if its a controlling force in life--I like that. "Love locks us in its arms and gives the gift of soul"

    1. I see love as 'connectedness' and absolute love in its truest sense is absolute connectedness - this is, I believe, a cosmic force which is the source of this world. Whether we 'connect' with this force, ourselves, others, art, gardening, writing.... anything, this is the truest expression of the nature of this world and is Love.

  5. very pretty poem ~ love locks in its arms - very pretty imagery!

  6. Beautiful poem ... I believe 'inner grace' is the key.

  7. I LOVE your poem! I love how you list the senses.Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful! I love how your poem flows, with rhymes weaved in and alliteration. :)

  9. Such a gorgeous bit of wisdom! Thanks so much for sharing this over at Poetry Jam!