Saturday, October 27, 2012

Start again

I turned toward the cafe,
the guide had led me to,
turned the handle slowly,
found shelter and then you.
Your face rose up to greet me,
your sturdy shoulders held,
the moment endless happening;
the past in present fell.
It was a job to stand and watch,
what I had lost and know,
that fate would score me badly,
for letting our love go.
I leaned against the cabinet,
sought shelter in a fern,
and hoped you had not seen me;
there was no way to turn.
And then you dropped the peanuts,
they scattered on the floor,
and you bent down to get them,
just as I reached the door.
'I recommend the cheesecake.'
Your voice reached out and held,
me standing in the doorway -
would I leave or turn again?
You knew it was my favourite,
and that was how you said,
'we've met because we needed to -
let's try and start again.'



  1. I think you're destined to start again...
    Well worked piece!

  2. Nicely wordled. I have come to recognize a certain styling to your poems and that you were able to incorporate them in this lovely vignette is charming.

    I was able to use #80's list for part 2 which I'll post tomorrow.