Thursday, October 11, 2012

The hidden Self

She appeared at the door
and breathed herself in.
Serpent, sacred, pale as snow
she faced me and asked
that I kiss her on the lips.
I kissed her death-white face
as she had whispered,
touched lips to wisdom born
in ages past, and futured
secrets always known
and let her lie beside us
in the bed of my own making.
I told her I would embrace joy,
hold darkness off with light
unless the call came for descent
into  Inanna’s  world.
But not without the plea
to seek, the depths of unknown Self
would I descend to Hades realm
Return myself to Her.
She answered not,
and neither smiled,
just lay in silent state
as Wisdom, Grace, Eternity,
as Mother, Life and Fate.

A persona poem - masquerade - the hidden Self

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