Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mothers and Daughters

We are One, you and I.
Formed of the same flesh
and dreams, and fears;
made in the shape of Woman.

I inherit you and you me.
So long in the making,
beyond both of us,
the drawing in of all
the Mothers and the
Daughters; the
knitting of the shawl
which we unpicked
each night, because
we were waiting
for a man to make us

When all the time
it was what we made
that mattered.
It lay in our laps and
we admired it, but
not for what it was.

We saw it as a means
to an end, and
missed the gift it gave.

It is a shared thing
we did not know it
until dusk, the late time
of living
when the dreams
march past
in solemn walk
and we see
for the first time …

We are One, You and I.

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