Sunday, October 28, 2012

When women wish

When women wish for freedom,
they know the truth within,
that they are bound in ancient thread,
to men and all they think.
The way to liberation lives
in power relinquished long,
and damaged dreams of loving;
a war against our own.
We know there is no single truth
which can be brought to bear,
because the battle must be fought
with those for whom we care.
No man is ever called to fight
in such an awful way,
where parent, sibling, partner, child
are  enemy displayed.
No wonder women wait and watch,
and hope that time will bring,
the justice of their cause;
without the death of dreams.

women, men, power, wish, damaged, way think, single, thread, bound, within, we


  1. I love the cadence your words carry.

  2. Roslyn this is so lovely and reads so smoothly that I read it thru three times on the first read and am going back for more. Very nicely done. :)