Thursday, February 13, 2014

The mystery of a gun

Why would someone want
to have a weapon which can kill ?
Why would someone think it clever,
to injure, hurt, destroy?
Why would someone take delight
in blood and tears and death?
Why would someone think a gun
defends against all threats?
Why would someone so mistrust
this life and all it brings?
Why would someone bathe in blood,
a bird which only sings?
Why would someone let their child
hold such angry thoughts?
Why would someone teach their child
a gun is how life works?
Why would someone want to aim
and fire with deadly force?
Why would someone so despair
a gun is all they trust?
Why would someone so believe
that guns must be a must?
The mystery is written clear,
and easy to define,
a gun makes them feel powerful,
but maims their soul inside.
And yet the truth is never told,
that power rests in them not,
nor in the gun they think they need;
it's fear which calls the shots.


  1. I loved this , sharing on my blog if you don't mind :)

  2. I think you had the same gut reaction I did to the prompt. I hate guns. I don't necessarily think they should be outlawed, but I personally would never want to carry one. There is something soul destroying about taking a life, and it becomes too easy to do once you start.


    1. Ah yes, well I am grateful to come from a country where they are heavily regulated and in essence banned. I think they should be outlawed beyond isolated farms where they are required for lifestock to be killed humanely, or, as a sporting weapon. There is no need for anyone to have a gun. The military should also be banned but that is not likely to happen. :)

  3. Strong, direct, and honest. All good things. Sounds like it marched word by word onto the page with intense focus...


  4. hate is a really really big all encompassing starved for affection....