Wednesday, February 5, 2014


When people are no longer in your life they leave spaces,
places where their smile and footprints can still hide,
silent, invisible, unknown parts of who they were, and
what they meant to you; secret gifts in memory do lie.

As dust settles around the shape of objects so that when
removed, there is the form of what they were, held clear,
until the hand or years wipes clean that impression, they
will remain, as something shadowed, but still seen.

So it is with those we love and who have loved us in return,
for love is both the entity and the force which mould,
and holds in place, the truth of their existence, pressed firm
upon the counters of our caring; eternity does hold.

Though rooms be shadowed and the thoughts so dimly lit,
candled hope will flicker at the edge of mind and dreams,
revealing, reminding, honouring what was once there;
nothing ever lost, no matter how empty life may seem.

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